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  1. In order to apply for the Online services, student first needs to create an account. This can be done by clicking on the 'Create Account'link.
  2. Create the account with your email id means username should be your email id and then click on the Create Account button.
  3. Once Account has been successfully created, click on the Login button ,login with your email id and password whatever you created.
  4. Next, please complete the Profile section first by clicking on the link 'Profile' in the left hand menu. otherwise you would not be eligible for the services.
  5. After filling student profile form, click on Save button.
  6. After successfully saving the profile, click on Home link in the left hand menu.
  7. In services section, when you select your service, you will get Instructions (if any) for that particular service, then click on Proceed button.
  8. Fill Application Details and click on Save button. After that box will appear on screen click on 'proceed to upload ' documents.
  9. Then, Proceed to upload will show Upload Document page, Upload all required documents for the service and click on Save and Proceed button.
  10. The Payment Mode page will show up, select your Payment Mode and Bank type.
  11. Click on Save and Print Button, and then at the end of the form upload your payment receipt on portal..
  12. upload ur payment receipt

**NOTE: Please note GST is applicable on all services, For Confidential Result ,RL Lower and Reevaluation Services ,GST exempted on these three services. For detail information ,please read the services instructions

Sr No. List of Online Application Course Fee(In Rs.)
1 Confidential Result 800 + *GST
2 Correction in all DMC with Degree of one Course 15000 + *GST
3 Degree in Absentia 1000 + *GST
4 Document Verification 1000 + *GST
5 Duplicate All DMC with Degree of one Course 15000 + *GST
6 Duplicate Degree Certificate 500 + *GST
7 Duplicate Statement of Marks(Marksheet) 500 + *GST
8 Medium Equivalence Certificate 1250 + *GST
9 Migration Certificate 1500 + *GST
10 Reevaluation Form 500 + *GST
11 RL Lower 600 + *GST
12 Transcripts 20000 + *GST
* in GST (if applicable)       


For any Technical queries Email on :  oesppbi2018@gmail.com        For Application Status Email on :  verificationexam@pbi.ac.in       

**NOTE: For status update click check status link on online examination services portal. For uploading pending documents login with your email id and password and proceed to upload documents. It's mandatory for the candidate to communicate with us through their Registered e-mail. They must quote the email subject line with their Online Application Number, Name, Father Name, Mother Name, University Registration Number, Case No., Registered e-mail, Registered Mobile Number and Date of Application "Accepted" by university. No email(s) about status would be entertained without the above terms, except technical or application applying problem(s). .